Making Melodies

End of Unit Assignment for Adapted Music

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Follow these directions for this week's Posted Lesson.

  1. View the VoiceThread
  2. Follow the directions & rubric to complete the assignment
  3. Practice on the Virtual Piano (button is below VoiceThread info)
  4. Record an audio comment of you playing your own melody!
  5. Type "lesson complete" in the online text box in the Moodle assignment



password: VT2015

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Record on VoiceThread & Type "lesson complete" in the online text box

  • Please remember to do both so I can grade your assignment
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This assignment is worth 40 points.

  • 20 points - participation in VoiceThread from MP2.W3 - Follow the Melody (made comments)
  • 20 points - assignment completed for Making Melodies (VoiceThread & Moodle)