Masada College Torah Stream

Week @ A Glance - March 7th - 11th

Getting Ready for Purim and Pesach

With Purim just around the corner and believe it or not, Pesach not far behind. We've been busy this week finishing up our Purim lessons and we've begun to learn about Pesach. There are only 9 days of school after Purim this year and in order for us to get our Pesach learning in, we've had to begin before Purim.

Finishing off the Book of Shemos with the clothes of the Kohan Gadol & Singing the Parshios!

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Torah Stream Library

Open For Business

Just a quick note to remind or inform you that over the last year or so we've been building a Torah Stream Library with all sorts of books from Jewish publishers like Artscroll and Feldheim. Masada College has a very good library with a nice selection of books for our kids to read, but if you'd like your children to bring home specifically Jewish books, we've gotten all of the books in the computer and they are ready to be checked out. Just like the school library, books can be checked out for 2 weeks. We've got great stuff for all ages and reading levels of the Torah Stream. Please encourage your kids to take advantage of the Torah Stream Library.

We're always looking to expand the library and if you have any books in particular to suggest, please let me know. Otherwise, another good way to help the library to grow is to make a donation of a book or two for a special occasion. Maybe some birthday or Chanukah money can be donated to purchase a new book for the Torah Stream library. I'll have number of books in my office ready for circulation if you'd like to purchase one for any of your special occasions. It's so important to not only teach our children the value of money, but to also teach them the Jewish value of Tzedakah too!

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Have a beautiful and restful Shabbos