Eden Hazard


-Eden Hazard was born on January 7 1991 in a city in Belgium called La Louviere

-He is a Belgian football player, and is now playing for a team called Chelsea and his national team Belgium

-When growing up his parents were both footballers players, dad playing for a team called R.A.A La Louviere and his mother playing at a Belgian Women's first division

Early Career: Youth Career

-Eden started playing soccer at the age of for, playing for his hometown team the Royal Stade Brainois

-When he grew up left Royal Stade Brainnois and started playing for Turbize

-After a couple of years at Turbize he left the club and joined Lille

Senior Career

-After staying at Lille for 5 years he deiced to live and join the team he is playing right now Chelsea

-After joining Chelsea that where he got most famous

-Now playing as a attacking midfielder and a winger for Chelsea

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Eden Hazard ● Amazing Skills Show 2014-2015 ||HD||