Fly Tipping Problems?

Why should you put up with the cost and unsightly mess left.

Local Authorities dealt with over 711,000 incidents of fly-tipping in 2012/13

The estimated cost of clearance of fly-tipping to local authorities in England in 2012/13 was £36.4 million.

Local authorities carried out over 425,000 enforcement actions in 2012/13. The estimated cost of enforcement was £15.2 million.

(DEFRA 2013)

Research has shown that....

Most fly tipping is carried out in remote locations, ones that are not easy to control and are lacking amenities to monitor. Team these issues with stretched resources of the police and council, actively protecting these hotspots is making it more and more difficult and trends tell us fly tipping is on the increase.

(Keep Britain Tidy)

So what is the answer...?

The T.C.S Virtual Guard

Watch your fly-tipping hotspots from £4.17 a hour

Price based on x1 Virtual Guard and green generator, including installation, fuel/re-fuelling and removal (minimum 7 day rental)