I Am Number Four

By Pittacus Lore

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I Am Number Four is a book about a alien named Four. He comes from a distant planet inhabited by the Lorien. But he is one of nine Lorien who are still alive, the rest have been killed in a war. They are sent to Earth in hopes of saving the Lorien. But a spell has been put on them. A spell to protect them from the Mogadorians, the aliens who killed the Lorien. These 9 Lorien must be killed in order. 1-3 have been killed, which means Four is next. But besides the oncoming doom, Four must also stay undercover. He cannot be discovered by humans, or the Lorien will be doomed to extinction.


Four is the main character of the book. He is being hunted down by the Mogadorians. He is an alien from a distant planet, here on Earth to repopulate his kind. He has moved numerous times in an attempt to escape the Mogadorians. A spell has been put on him and the other 8 saying that they must be killed in order. 1-3 have been killed, and he is next. Four has to learn how to blend in with the humans around him, while also hiding his powers. Besides super speed and super strength, he is immune to fire. But the living nightmare known as school won't let him get in over his head. Cute girls, bullies, nerdy friends and much more stand in the way between him and freedom.


The book takes place in modern-day America, mainly in Ohio. There are two main places where the majority of the action occurs. In Four's new house, and at school. There are some flashbacks and memories that take place on the Lorien home planet as well.

Book Reviews

"I Am Number Four is a wicked fantasy fit for any sci-fi junkie."

" This book was (no pun intended) OUT.OF.THIS.WORLD!"

"I greatly enjoyed this SciFi fantasy novel. The characters were well written, the villains suitably evil, and the plot interesting."

Cites: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/7747374-i-am-number-four




I am Number Four - Official Trailer [HD]
This trailer gives a great summary of the story while also leaving some mystery. The trailer sadly does not do this book justice. Although there is a lot not shown in this short trailer, it gets the point across well. It connects well, because it shortens up the story, without giving away too much.

About the Author

This is a hard one to write about, because no-one knows who actually wrote the book. The author is Pittacus Lore, the ruling Elder of the Lorien. No birthdate, age, or childhood is present with this author, so I'm going to get a little creative. Pittacus lore had been on Earth. His mission was to prepare for the incoming war. His kind have been devastated, only a few Lorien remain. In a final attempt to save his kind, he sent 9 Lorien to Earth to repopulate and grow stronger. But these Lorien are young, and the Mogadorians are out to kill ever one of them. Pittacus Lore's plan is a dangerous one, and will determine the fate of the Lorien.


This book is a lot like the Percy Jackson series. Although the connection may seem a little far-fetched, the facts are convincing. Both stories have a main character that has to survive with all the odds against them, while also trying to fit in with the regular humans. As the books progress, both heroes become stronger, and learn new tricks and abilities. Oh, and they both have superpowers, of course.


I would most definitely recommend this to any sci-fi fan who is looking for a change. This book is the equivalent of putting a sci-fi book and a romance book in a blender. It has the aliens and invasion of a sci-fi book, and the love and relationship of a romance book. It's honestly one of the most creative books I have ever read, and also one of my favorites, right behind Legend in my top 10. Even if you aren't a sci-fi fan, and are not truly interested in sci-fi, you will enjoy this book nonetheless. The only reason I would not recommend this book to someone is if you were just getting started reading sci-fi books. This book puts a twist on the traditional sci-fi, and could ruin that experience for newcomers to the science fiction series. The constant plot twists, flashbacks, and