dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today

I like to work with people, so i figured i'd like to become an High School Teacher. One of my values are working with people so I figured this job would be a good way to use my abilities.

why should all these things be considered when your deciding on a career?

It's a very important dission to make because, it's something your gonna have to do for the rest of your life. If your gonna have to go to your job every day it might as well be somthing you enjoy to do.

about my job.

Job Description- To get kids ready for the future.

Median Salary- $55.050

Job Outlook- 6% (slower than average)

Cluster- Education and training

Work Schedual- about 7:35 to 2:40pm

work environment- A classroom with a desk

Something interesting about my career choice is you get to meet new kids every year and new peers.

University of Flordia

I would like to go to University of Flordia.

Its located at Gainesville, Flordia.

The reason i want to go there is because they have a really good education program. Also the campus is nice!

University of Flordia is about 12 hrs away from arkansas so it's pretty far from home.

An estimate tuition cost is 43,148.

Ive alwaysed wanted a scholorship for sports. Preferbly Softball and Volleyball.