All You Must Know About Laser Eye Surgery

Sunday, June 30th 2013 at 9pm


Pick the right surgeon

If you are likely to undergo laser eye surgery, make certain you have chosen the surgeon. A experienced and well-qualified surgeon has the ability to handle even the most involved case with extreme care. So, perform a thorough examination then choose a skilled doctor for the treatment. You may also ask him about the costs and other medical procedures throughout the consulting period.
Before laser surgery

Before proceeding to surgery, your doctor will first perform a whole eye test to ensure whether you are entitled to the procedure or not. Everything will be evaluated by him, from the form and thickness of-the other faults in your eye, refractive errors like myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, and cornea to pupil size. Besides these problems, the damp of your eyes are also checked. With regards to the level of the dry eyes, you might also recommend some precautionary treatments.

In case there are any complications, in regards to general health history, he will prescribe medications.

During the operation

By folding this flap, he will access the cornea. With the aid of excimer laser, the corneal tissue will be removed by him. The next step will be to reshape the cornea. This occurs when your complex laser tool uses cool ultraviolet ray. This may eliminate the quantities of tissue from the cornea.

For individuals experiencing nearsightedness, you have to flatten the cornea, whereas when it comes to individuals experiencing farsightedness, a steeper cornea is desired. When the surgeon has the capacity to reshape the cornea, the flap is laid back in place where it gets healed naturally.

The good news for this process is that you're free from just about any stitches and bandages. Few drops of anaesthesia are enough to finish the procedure successfully.

Following the lasik surgery

Your physician will recommend you to rest a little. Though you may feel itchy or burning sensations but this will undoubtedly fade away with time. Immediately after the operation, you might also be wise to go home.

There are times when folks come across issues such as blurry vision and haziness, but the very next day generally, the clarity returns. In case there is persisting serious issue with your eye, don't neglect it. If you want to read more information, please Click Here