The Pine Tree State

Why you should visit the Great State Maine!

For one the Outdoors are an amazing thing to explore in Maine, especially because 89% of the State is covered in forest that you can explore plus there are a lot of ATV trails you can use when ever you want! It's very family friendly for example. Festivals! that you can go to at any age. And there is all foods for all ages!

Interesting spots to visit!

Have you ever just wanted a nice vacation to visit some awesome looking things? If so Maine is the right state for you. Because there are so many places to visit such as. A place called Bangor where it's basically everything put into one! Another thing is a place called Wells, only if you like sea food and fishing, but there is so many places to visit and take pictures of to remember!

Sports of Maine

Every state has its own sports and sport teams including Maine! here are some sports and sport teams that are in Maine. They have Soccer, Baseball, Football, basketball, and Hockey (p.s.) couldn't find any of the team names
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