Together We Rise

Foundation For Foster Kids

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How Together We Rise All Started

The year 2008 a man in college named Danny Mendoza had discovered that his cousin had been living in a car. His friends and including him wanted to help but it was to late and he was put into foster care. Danny wanted to create a way to make things easier and help him out but they had came across obstacles due to all of his friends and himself being under the age of 21. Government agencies had declined their ideas and at the time no organization like Together We Rise had welcomed young people like them. They had expressed all their ideas and beliefs to colleagues and friends and from that, Together We Rise was made.
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What Together We Rise Is All About

Together We Rise wants to make a difference for the children in foster care. Foster Care can be a difficult time for a young child. Traveling from home to home can be confusing and a little heart breaking due to the way foster kids are sometimes treated. With fundraising and the well passionate volunteers who are committed to their job, they help to create better future, with a sense of normalcy, and being able to belong. They strive to be the helping hand for the foster kids so they can grow in a confident way.


  • Together We Rise has Sweet Cases that are for foster kids and foster kids don’t get a lot of personal items. They have to leave from home to home with what they can fit in two trash bags and no one deserves to have everything they own in trash bags. This provides them with a well made bag and goodies that are included with the bag.
  • The National Build-a-Bike Tour is a tour that travels from group homes to other group homes and provide the foster kids with brand new bicycles that are made for them. Its a 4 week tour and they get to provide over 1,000 foster kids with bikes.
  • The shopping spree is also one of the many fundraisers that Together We Rise has. The shopping spree gives 100 dollars to a foster kid and allows them to buy new clothes. Foster kids don’t have the opportunity to buy new clothes and don’t have jobs. These kids have to travel from home to home with little belongings and this provides them with more clothes.
  • Disneyland adventures is given to around 200 foster kids. What it does, is that it gives these kids a time to be reunited with their families that they had lost when going into the foster system. It gives them time with their family in Disneyland and to get a break from the system.
  • Holiday toys are in session right now and what it is a fundraiser. It raises money to buy toys for foster kids. for the holidays foster kids don’t receive gifts on Christmas like other kids. This fundraiser provides gifts to those kids that don’t get gifts on Christmas.
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Sweet Cases for kids in Foster Care - Together We Rise


  • Less than 3% of foster kids go to college and get a bachelor's degree.
  • On an average only half of foster kids will get a job after the age of 24.
  • 1 out of 5 will become homeless after turning 18.
  • These foster kids have the lack of basic skills and 65% have to travel from school to school as much as 7 or more schools.
  • Up to 24% are in special education.
  • Foster kids have to experience traveling from home to home but also with the effect it has on their education. They don’t get the amount of education a person has that has a stable home situation.
  • Kids in foster care suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder at a higher rate than veterans that have returned from combat war. This is a serious issue accruing and needs to be brought to the light so we can deal with this.
  • Education is a value that is necessary in today's world. It provides people with well paying jobs and these kids don’t get that opportunity.

Big Name Companies

Together we rise have worked with many big name companies like JetBlue, Cooley, Echo amc Cares, Iron mountain, Safelite, AIG, The community foundation, KIND, Toyota, Advent, Los Angeles Lakers, Count on me, Ronald McDonald, Ups, Equinix, In-N-Out Burger Foundation, The Home Depot, Hubert's lemonade, SanDisk, Western Digital, Toshiba, Avery Dennison, etc.
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Where Does the Money That Together We Rise fund raises go to?

The money that Together We Rise gets is brought to that fundraiser. For example the National Build-a-Bike Tour, the money that is raised for that fundraiser is spent on buying the bikes for this fundraiser. Same with the Sweet cases, the money raised for this is spent on buying the supplies needed for this fundraiser.

How Can We Help Together We Rise?

To help out, Together We Rise is looking for volunteers to help around their headquarters. Also there is a way to help out in the community. You can be able to create an event that helps foster kids around your area. The event can be held in your community or anywhere you wish for it to happen like in a business office. Lastly you can help by donating to the fundraisers that are held including the one that is running right now which is the Holiday Toy Drive.

Why Should We Care about Together We Rise?

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As you can see with the graph above we have the third percentile of the most children in foster care with those who need protection. The amount of violence that is represented is terrible. Most kids when moved to a foster care system are moved due to the abusive household but when arriving to the system they can be treated just as terrible or worse.

Why is Together We Rise important and Valuable and Why Should We Support it?

Together We rise is important because it benefits kids that deal with way too much for their age. Kids in foster care feel as they aren't normal like a usual kid would be seen. In a "normal" family a father, mother, and their kids are all together living with one another. In reality these kids don't have that kind of family in their lives. They have to deal with traveling from home to home with little belongings. It also can be held all around the U.S. and help foster kids all around. Together we Rise as opportunities that we are able to help with the foster kids around our area. Others should support this because it gives these kids help and can also make them cheerful about something. These children have a difficult time with the transition of moving from house to house. Kids in foster care get treated badly and don’t receive a much as we do and they deserve better than that.
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What About The Volunteers Age?

To counter argument the issue, You could argue that the volunteers and staff may be too young to be able to organize such a huge campaign and have the lack of knowledge to run it due to their age.They lack the valuable information in order to still be successful throughout the years but their age is well. There age is around the same age the foster kids are and they can be able to bound and communicate more easily with them due to this. The age of the volunteers doesn’t reflect on the success of the foundation it actually increases their numbers and help calibrate with big name companies.

Together We Rise...

Together We Rise supports a well known cause like helping foster kids with the foster care system, and that isn’t represented as much and they help bring that issue to the light. They help by creating Sweet Cases, bikes, and a toy drive that is helping foster kids get presents on Christmas. Help them not carry their belongings in two trash bags and provide them with a Sweet Case. Give bikes to them when they never even received one in their whole life. The volunteers may be young but their age is an advantage to being able to bound with the foster kids and understanding issues surrounding their age and the age helps calibrate with big name companies.

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