Keat's Project

Ronnie KIng


Brazil Budget

Flight: $2,700

Human cart transportation: $200

Food: $300

Hotel: $2,000

Clubs: 200


Flight: $1,085

Human cart transportation: $200

Food: $400

Hotel: $1,000

Clubs: 500 (drinks on me)


Flight: $589

Human cart transportation: $150

Food: $100

Hotel: $399

Clubs: $1,000 (because the girls are fine!)

South Padre island

transportation: $300

Food: $150

Hotel: free (living at my cousin house)

Clothes $1,000

Clubs: $ 2,000 (because i'm a straight baller)

Florida, Missouri (Mark Twain)

Food: $400

Transportation: 1,000,000 Lamborghini Spyder

Tour: $200


The cool waves crashed down on the hot sand,

Waves clash against the sand, sun making it shimmer like glitter.

The sandy beaches were scalding hot and burnt my feet as I walked to the water. The cold

water crash at my feet as the hot sand submerged between my toes.

The waves were crashing against the rocks by the shore creating a tranquil sound. More

Soothing as mother to her child. AND THE WOMEN!!!! creating the beautiful silhouette

seen in the movies. The finest coke bottles you can find. And as you stretch my neck out

you will see the almighty statue Cristo Redentor standing above all. certainly the place

to be.

South Padre Islands

The Beautiful scenery of the place to be at Spring Break. Standing there as your feet stomp

out the hot sand like a wild stampede, jamming out to the music. there is a body on the

left, right, front and back of you. trying to let lose all the stress, frustration, and problems

by moving through the music, as you sweat all your troubles away. enjoying the scenery

only see on a postcard. The trees beginning a new life, the sun set over all creation.

Flaunting and strutting across the sky. When his job is done so is yours. then he

clocks in early we are up to do it again.


the one place on earth where there is actually a piece of heaven in it. a place full of culture, coconuts, and heavenly captivity. a place where the water is so clear you can see your reflection in it! a place so full of culture that is so welcoming that you might come back 1/2 SamoaIan. a place where you cant help but hold up traffic to stop and smell the roses. it is truly heaven on earth
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