By: Kyle Bostock


Giogione was born in 1477 in the town of Castelfranco, Italy. He spent most of his life in the beautiful Venice, Italy. He became a pupil of Giovanni Bellini in 1490. Giorgione excelled in painting. Some of his pieces are The Little Holy Family and The Three Philosophers. He did not have many patrons but one of his bigger patrons was Vittore Carpaccio. Giorgione spent most of his life painting in Venice, Italy and died of the plague at the age of 33.

His Work

This piece, painted by Giorgione, is called The Tempest.
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This piece by Giorgione is Laura, the woman Petrarch, the poet, obsessed over.
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This piece of Giorgione's is called The Three Philosophers.
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This piece was created around 1510. What is so significant is that the backround is very detailed as well as the focus on the people that are the main focus of this painting. I found this piece interesting because I think that it is a beautiful painting with fantasic scenery and great meaning behind it, though this is only my opinion. This painting reflects humanism due to the fact that it shows the evolution of man. It shows the younger, learning man, the older man, and the wise, old man.