Modern Inventions

They make life better for us!

Textile Inventions take the pressure off of weavers

There were three textile inventions that helped spinning cotton and cotton production go faster. There was the flying shuttle which was the 1st invention that made weavers outpace spinners. Then came the spinning jenny in 1764 which spun many threads at the same time. The last invention was the water frame, which could be powered by water. The cotton gin was the ultimate spinning machine it cleaned the raw cotton of dirt and seeds at an even faster rate.

Modern inventions make life better for people

See more country, then telegraph your family from afar.

There were many inventions that involved transportation, communication, and production in factories, that made life easier for people all around. Ford was the first company to make a large number of automobiles, this made it possible for more people to use them. The invention of dynamite helped with construction mainly, it was a much safer explosive then others used during this time period. Roads and train rails were build faster and safer. With the invention of steam ships, goods were transported from port to port faster. The three inventions that improved communication were the telegraph, telephone and the radio. These made families be able to communicate within a short time period. Also made it so then countries and businesses could communicate over seas.

Electricity makes life brighter and gives us diverse goods!

Electricity replaced steam power making it the main source of industrial power. The dynamo was and is the main source that helps electrical generators and transformers. In 1870 the first electric light bulb was invented, it made cities brighter and made it so then factories could stay open after dark, making city life more alive. Before factories used large amounts of workers and power-driven machines. Then in the 1800's manufactures started making interchangeable parts. Next came the assembly line in the 1900's. These production methods made prices of goods lower.

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Modern life is less strenuous, people can have more, travle faster, and live better lives!


People had to use gas lanters for light, factories couldnt operate as long or after night . The new form of light was created out of the invention of electricity, which made the first eletric light. Now light is used all around the world from cars to houses to every factory and buisness. For communication people had to write letters and mail them, now you can call to communicate over long distences. For transportation people had to walk around town or use carrages. Now people can travel across the country using ships, cars, trains, or even planes.  
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