Samuel Adams

By: Jace Walls


Hello what I am going to be talking about is Samuel Adams family and early life also his careers he did as he grow older and last but not least his final years. Samuel Adams was a great noble man.Hope you guys and girls enjoy.

Earlylife and family

Samuel Adams was born on September 27,1722, in Boston Massachusetts. Samuel went to Harvard college in 1740. Samuel's dad name is Samuel Adams Sr and his mothers name was Mary Adams also his brothers name is Joesph Adams. His mother was really religious.


Samuel Adams parents wanted him to be a minister . But he ended up being a tax collector. Then after a few years of tax collecting he became the leader of the resistance to the coercive acts. Then he neglected to collect the public levies to keep proper accounts. When all that was done then the son of Liberty was announced Samuel Adams was instantly in then a couple years later the Boston tea party happened.
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Final years

So here the worst part the ending but I'll make it good. So after all that accomplishment it has to come to a end sadly Samuel Adams died in October 2, 1803.


Thank you guys and girls for reading Samuel Adams early life,career, and final years hope to see you next time.


Religions- it means that they believed in something.

Minister- a person whose job involves leading church services.

Accomplishment- to do and complete something


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