Family Traditions

Allie Wallace

Family Name Tradition

My dads name is Russell Wallace people call him Rusty and i have two older sisters, Amber and Brittani, they have had kids. The first one to have a baby decided with our dad that she should name her baby after him, she used the name Russell for the middle name. My sister Amber then had a baby and named her baby boy after my dad as well. If i don't have a baby boy in the future then i will get the tradition of my dads middle name going for a little girl and that would be Lynn because my dad got his middle name from his father and his dad got it from his poppy and so on. This is something i will do Someday when i have a family i want to do this because i like the tradition. I think it is a great idea, my dad is a wonderful person and i want my family and my baby's family (when i do have a child) to know who he was and about the family history and keep that tradition going.