The stormy Weather

by:Elvia Flores


The video above explains how powerful lightning and tornadoes can be. The next video below will explain how a hurricane forms and what destruction it can cause


Storm Surge

This is how bad a storm surge can get, they can reach to 10 meter (33feet).


Lightning happens almost any where it is something amazing to look at but at the same it is dangerous. One lightning bolt is enough to power the whole town of Marion. The reason lightning happens is a positive charge and as negitive charge in the cloud is coliding and the result is lightning.

Did You Know?

  • When it snows no two snowflakes are the same.
    (A scientist photographed over 400,000 snowflakes to prove that fact!)

  • The USA has more violent weather than any other country. Each year it averages about 10,000 big thunderstorms, 1000 tornadoes and hurricanes.
  • It is so cold in some parts of Russia that milk is sold in frozen blocks instead of in liquid form.