Coniferous Forest

By: Fischer Kingsbery

Biotic & Abiotic factors


*Fire weed






*Cold temperatures

Food web

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The Coniferous Forest

The coniferous forest is a cold and soaking wet biome. It has very limited plant life due to freezing temperatures and long winters. The biome gets 300-900 mm of rainfall per year so it is very damp and wet. Like the tundra biome the coniferous forest contains permafrost soil. The forest does contain much animal life like the moose and bears.

How humans harm the coniferous forest.

Humans are big on cutting down trees in the biome in a fashion known as clear cutting.

They also hunt a lot of animals for materials like leather in the forest.

How humans help the coniferous forest

They should ban clear cutting trees in the biome to protect wildlife and the environment.

We should also have animal reserves so hunters can't hunt so many animals in the biome.

Interesting fact

Trees have adapted to reduce sap so the tree doesn't freeze