Infusing Technology

with Common Core

Tiffany Parker

Professional Development

Summer 2013

Take-Aways from Classroom 2.0 Webinar

  • When technology is implemented in the classroom, all students are motivated to learn!
  • There are many Common Core resources for parents. These resources help parents understand Common Core and how they were developed.
  • There are many digital resources that I have learned about in my classes and grown to love this semester that are on the Common Core Curriculum Maps.
  • There are many Common Core resources that will help teaches understand Common Core more in depth by providing videos of other successful teachers implementing Common Core into their classroom instruction.

Webinar Reflection

The Classroom 2.0 Webinar I participated in focused on Infusing Technology into the Common Core standards educators implement into their classrooms on a daily basis. The webinar was very interesting and I am now aware of many great technology resources I can implement into my classroom instruction. The webinar was archived and viewed using Blackboard. The webinar recording had a very clear picture; however, the audio was a little hard to understand at times. The pace of the webinar was great until the end of the session. The speaker ran out of time and had to rush through the discussion about some of the technology resources. Overall, the presentation was professional and thought provoking. I enjoyed this Classroom 2.0 Webinar and the information will help me incorporate technology into my everyday instruction.

Additional Resources