Welcome To ShrekLandia

By Jeffrey Charlot and Marco Rovetto

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Welcome to the country of ShrekLandia

The population of SherkLandia is million people.We are a monarchy.We chose a monarchy because we wanted there to be a king and an queen other government would not work because we wanted the kings and queens to be chosen by the blood line and in the future the kings and queens are chosen by the bloodline or marriage of a queen or king.There are separate villages in the country and each village is separated by rivers and between all of them are huge forest.The languages spoken in SherkLandia are our primary language is Japanese and you have to learn at least two more languages and the others you can learn english, german, arabic, italian, spanish, and french.We pay only for your education if you attend school all the years.You can join the military at the age of 18 and if you join boys MUST stay for 2 years and girls 3 years.If you are considered poor the government will give you food stamps and some money for 5 years and help you get a job and the government does not pay for your health care.You can retire of the age of 100.Everyone must pay 55% for tax rate.That's why we are a socialist economy.

Six Freedoms

>Right to religion

>Right to hardcore drugs

>Right to not be a slave

>Right to speak

>Right to leave school at age of 15

>Right to occupation (if you have a degree)

Four things that is illegal


>Trade(if you are a high enough rank)

>Speak against


Type of government

We are a monarchy because we want a king and queen and the other governments wont work because we don't want people to be elected and in the future the new leader will be chosen by a bloodline or the queen or king marrying someone.

Type of economy

We are socialism because we pay things for the people and we charge high for taxes so we would have the money to pay all of it.

System of Government

We chose Parliamentary system because we have a king and queen and they rule everything so all that happens in the country will be decided and given all authority to them and no one can go against what they say and what they chose to do with the country.

What are some fun things to do in your country?

*Use of drugs you can smoke from bongs, pipes, and cigars.

*Fun beaches and resorts.

*Fun amusement parks.

*Last but not least we have the best condos you can relax in if you cannot get on Tinder or Snapchat