Bolton Hill Nursery Newsletter

Friday, May 1st, 2015


Parent Teacher Conferences

Conferences last 15 minutes, so please be sure to arrive on time as delays will limit your time with your child's teacher. Hard copies of assessments will be provided before the conference so that you have adequate time to review it. Classroom conferences are held on specific days so please plan accordingly. We will not have phone conferences.

Conferences at 1316 Park Avenue:

Wednesday, May 13th- Blue Finches

Thursday, May 14th- Steller Jays

Friday, May 15th- Blue Macaws

Conferences at 204 W. Lanvale Street:

Thursday, May 7th- Canaries

Monday, May 11th- Blue Herons

Tuesday, May 12th- Gold Finches

Wednesday, May 13th- Parakeets

Thursday, May 14th- Scarlet Ibises

Friday, May 15th- Rose Finches

The Blue Herons' will not have formal assessments. Instead they will have cubby conferences.

Important Information

Auction Update

So for some reason, I got a little busy this week and I was unable to send out the special Auction themed newsletter. However, I can tell you that the auction raised over $15,000 for the school! Yeah!!!



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