The Coyote Trail

All you need to find your way this week.

Truly the Best!

I am truly amazed with what each of you do each day to teach our students. Whether it is educational, emotional or social learning, our students are becoming better people because of you. I know the days may seem long, the workload can feel heavy and life is sometimes stressful, but just remember why you are here~ think about the life-long character you are building in these children and the lasting impressions you are making on their hearts. If you need a reminder, ask Johnnie Ashley to share with you her mail earlier this week. It will bring tears to your eyes.
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After School Duty

The dates and teachers responsible for after school duty is now posted beside the mailboxes in the office.

Week of September 15th Late Duty- Polly Myer and Sammye Garner

Please review the schedule you have for your team concerning after school duties. We have not had enough teachers at the cones during car duty for the past couple of days. The more help we have in each area, the quicker we can get the students home safely. Thanks.

Coyote Call Out

We will have our first Coyote Call Out this Friday, September 19th at 2:00pm! The theme is the "50's". Each grade level will choose 2 students to be recognized for showing the "Wylie Way". More information will be coming your way from Tracy Halligan.

There will be a chair for every teacher to occupy during Coyote Call Out. We will need everyone in the cafeteria to help manage the students and have a successful dismissal when it's finished.

Important Dates to Remember...


15-19 Celebrate Freedom Week

15- TSR 1 and Individual Smart Goals due

17- Constitution Day

18- Progress reports go home, Fundraiser Kickoff 1:45pm, WatchDogs Kickoff 6-8pm

19- Coyote Call Out 2:00pm

23- UTA and Lamar University Representative available during lunch, UIL Tryouts 2:30-3:15

26- Pay Day Hey Day!

I thought this would be great to share with your class. The Morris Brothers were great! Please thank the PTA when you see them.

The Morris Brothers - I Can Be a Superhero Video - with Lyrics