Weekly Staff Update

2/8/16 - 2/12/16


Calendar Highlights

2/8: Quiz Bowl @ Central M.S.

2/9: Brad, Jan, & Kristie at RESA for SIP; Victimproof during JAZ (Staff Blue Shirts & Jeans); NO School Improvement Meeting


2/11: Fire Drill 6th hour; JAZ -Tutoring & 7th/8th Grade Writing Club; Board Meeting at YHS

2/12: 6th Grade Writing Club

*Boater Safety -6th Grade all week

These events are subject to change AND available on the shared Google Calendar

Round Robin

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Kagan Structure - Round Robin
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More SIP Info



LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Upon completion, students will be able to...

- Explain the character process of Feel - Think - Say - Do - Habit - Character.

- Compare and contrast how small choices effect positive character vs. negative character.

- Develop their own working definition of character.

- Identify one way they can begin making positive character choices in their lives.



- On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your character and why?

- What part of the character process do you need to work on the most?


- List three small choices that could lead to big outcomes over time.

- What is one step you can take to start building stronger character?

Team Building

Beginning on Tuesday, February 9 and culminating at our inservice (February 16), we will host another, much smaller, team building week.

The theme is STAY-cation....think cantina (virgin)!

With that said, we are planning on having a potluck lunch (Nacho Bar) on Tuesday, February 16's inservice. Please look for a sign up sheet.


What classes will be taking students to go through this? When?

M-STEP Mathematics Information:

Keypad Input and Calculators

The Equation Builder used last year in the Spring 2015 online administration of the M-STEP mathematics test has been replaced with a new and improved Keypad Input. The

Keypad Input allows for the entry of numbers, expressions, equations, etc., but does not perform any actual computations. Students can also enter numbers using their keyboard, but alpha characters cannot be entered.

• The Keypad Input buttons will vary according to required components of an item. Any necessary variable will be included on the Keypad.

• Computations are to be performed using the online calculator associated with items that are calculator-permitted.

• Some items will have both the Keypad Input and a calculator. Other items will have either the Keypad Input or the calculator. Some items will have neither.

Grades 6–8 have both non-calculator and calculator permitted items. The mathematics Sample Items Sets are partitioned into sections to reflect this. The calculator used by students in grade 6 is a basic calculator, while students in grades 7 and 8 use a

scientific calculator. Students in grades 3–5 are not permitted to use a calculator on any portion of the mathematics test.

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Suzanne Wood

I attended CMU for my undergrad in Secondary Ed and completed my MAT in Special Ed through SVSU. This is my 4th year teaching in Yale with 7 1/2 years overall. I started out teaching high school biology and health in New Boston for a year and then 6th-12th grade Special Ed at Landmark Academy for 2 years. I also taught for half a year in an alternative ed program at the Sanilac Career Center, which was when I found my passion for at-risk youth. I live in Croswell with my husband, Kyle, and our two cats, Moe and Curly. Kyle and I have been together for 11 years but will be celebrating our 3rd anniversary with the arrival of Baby Wood, who is also known as Twig thanks to Jess. We are very excited about our first child and for the baby's sake I only hope Kyle stops trying to rhyme the first and middle names we're considering! =)


Favorite Color: pink

Favorite Food: Italian

Favorite Music: country, rock, pop, 80s..almost everything. Just ask Kyle..he loves my singing! =)

Favorite Movie: can't pick just one!

Favorite TV Show: Big Bang Theory

Favorite Vacation: Aruba

Favorite University/College: CMU..Go Chips!

PTO Trip Raffle

Monday, Feb. 1st, 7:30-7:30am

198 School Drive

Yale, MI

This is our biggest fundraiser attempt. It could raise over $13,000! Please help us by selling tickets, buying tickets, and/or promoting with family and friends!


Yale Junior High PTO

1. Download Shoparoo to your mobile device. You will scan any grocery, fuel, or non-grocery receipt. We also have a Yale Junior High PTO page on Facebook, please like us!

Be sure to select Yale Junior High

2. Please donate ANY AND ALL used ink cartridges and cell phones (even if they are damaged) by bringing them into the office. We will be recycling them and receiving money for our media center in exchange!

3.VOLUNTEER YOUR TIME! JOIN US AT OUR NEXT MEETING or assist us in counting Vinckier Rewards or Aunt Millies labels.

“Like” us on Facebook – Yale Junior High PTO (click on 'YJH PTO' above to link to the page)

Vinckier Receipts

This program is done until September. We appreciate all those who particpated. We were able to purchase Physical Education equipment. Thanks again for your support!
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YJH Winter Wonderland Dance