Oregon State University

Home of the Beavers

The Basics

  • Located in Corvallis, Oregon.
  • It's a 4 year public school.
  • Law related courses you can receive your bachelor's degree here in criminal justice/
  • $50,346 (for everything, no grants or scholarships) (one year of college price)
  • service member discounts (post 9/11 GI Bill) (undergraduate $7,924) (graduate $8,701)
  • 63% graduation percentile 24% transfer percentile
  • B average student (3.0)
  • Must take 2 years of the same foreign language.
  • No curfew

The Bachelors degree

For the career I want to pursue I will need a bachelors degree in criminal justice.

The college offers a course "Peace studies and conflict resolution" they also offer a "public policy course"

Right no there are 23,903 students enrolled and attending oregon state university.

  • Student to teacher ratio is 19 to 1

Oregon State University

The campus is in a suburban area with plenty of places to go and lots of places to be. The variety of places offers so much from going out with friends to heading out on some alone time to grab some food and study.

paying for college

Before college I plan on going and serving my country, Oregon State University offers the Post G.I. bill. This bill will provide money for me to attend college once I leave the service. The Post G.I. bill will provide $8,701. This will greatly help me for my payment in college to take the classes I would like to attend.

I'd also like to apply for scholarships.

  • ROTC
This scholarship will be provided with me due to the fact that I had served in the United states Armed Forces

Some free time?

Here are a variety of things to do on your free time

  • Like the beach? The campus is just under two hours away from the coast.
  • There are free on campus concerts you can attend every noon!
  • Grab some lunch at the great dinners that are conveniently in walking distance.
  • Awesome hiking trails!
  • If you are really social there are lots of community activities.
  • Spend some time at "McDonald-Dunn research forest"
  • Catch a quick clip at the local theaters.
  • Hit the gym!
There are so many things you can do!

How's the weather up there?

It can get as low as 33 degrees in the winter and will get no higher than 90 in the summer. About 8 inches of rain had fallen in 2015 and that had been a dry season, hope you like the rain and it snows!
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My Future Goals

I have many plans in my life, traveling, having a good life, being successful.

But the goals i have as of right now are.

  • Do good in school
  • get a good GPA
  • Stay positive
  • Do what I need to do
  • Do what will benefit me in my future
  • and have fun while do all of this

Some volunteer work that could benefit me

In Grants Pass we have "Grants Pass Department of Public Safety Office" during the summer they offer a volunteer program that I can join. This program does community service and makes sure the community is working okay and that everything is okay. The people that have done this for years are very well known in the community.
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