The Weekly Hoot

June 1-8, 2015

Greetings All -

I hope this Hoot finds everyone enjoying their first official day of summer vacation! It is really quiet around here without all of you!! Summer school doesn't begin until tomorrow, so there are not very many people around up here!

I want to tell you thanks for a terrific last week of school. I know we had to make adjustments due to the weather and things of that sort, but overall, we ended the year successfully, and I couldn't be prouder!

Two emails have come from Penne - one dated May 28 about summer professional developments and Eduhero courses and one dated June 1 about a survey over Engage! Please read both of those, complete the survey by June 4, and consider doing your Eduhero classes over the summer as you have time. As you complete them, please email me or put in the box outside of my door your certificates so that I can keep up with who needs to complete what.

I hope to send out a Weekly Hoot all summer to keep you up to date on what is going on each week. I hope all of you are enjoying your time off. Please send in photos of what is up in your life so I can share them with everyone each week. Whether you are at the fair all week, hauling kids to and from camp, or just laying out by the pool, I hope you are doing so with joy. Everyone have a great week!

Owl Wings This Week Go To...

everyone who pitched in and helped out last week to make the end of school a big success.

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Your Week at a Glance...

Monday, June 1

Tuesday, June 2

Summer School begins (8:00-11:30 AM)

Library open (9 AM - 3 PM)

Library Story Hour - 6:00 PM

"Baseball Theme" - Bridget Coronado and Amanda Sechelski host

Wednesday, June 3

Summer School (8:00-11:30 AM)

Thursday, June 4

Summer School (8:00-11:30 AM)

Friday, June 5

School closed today!