Ghana Empire

Trade, Government, Interesting Info, and Achievements.

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Come and see the amazing wonders of Ghana!

Ghana has become wealthy from trade. If you have any doubts, not to worry Ghana has iron weapons to keep you safe. They already control most of their neighbors. So again nothing to worry about.


We are known for having great salt and lots of souvenir gold. Only for a low price of 20 cows, and 5 goats (sheep optional) for salt.

We have a great Government

Our kings rely on a council of ministers or advisers. We have many provinces and districts. Our districts are oversaw by the clan's chief. Ghana is larger than many European kingdoms so there is so much land to explore.


  • First empire in West Africa
  • Leaders converted many people to Islam
  • Traded gold with Muslims in the north
  • Developed superior iron technology to make weapons, control animals, and have an advantage in trading
  • has efficient food production

We have great trade routes.

Thanks to our camels, traveling through the sand has never been easier. It will allow you to get to trade cities in the Mediterranean quicker. The Trans-Saharan trade route connects West Africa to the Mediterranean trade cities.

Interesting Info

  • Ghana knows how to make iron weapons
  • No one can own gold nuggets except the king so value wouldn't go down.
  • Our king rides through the kingdom on his horse to make sure there isn't a rebellion
  • tell stories and history through oral stories.

By Evan Deters, Daniel Fong, and Gerardo Hernandez