Andrew Jackson

Why Jackson was a bad leader

"King Andrew"

In the cartoon it explains how he overused his power by being compared to a king. He is standing on the constitution and basically saying that he could do whatever he wants even if it's against the constitution. In his hand you see a scroll that says VETO that represents his overuse with vetoing. Can you imagine months of hard work towards a bill and someone just completly tears it up?

The Trail Of Tears and Indian Removal Act

Another "great success" of Andrew Jackson was The Trail Of Tears. In The Trail Of Tears Georgia finds out that in the area of the Cherokees there was gold and very rich soil so Georgia tries to kick them out of their little country. Georgia basically can't do that because they don't own the Cherokees. The Indians take them to the Supreme Court and they won so they could stay in their land. That definitely didn't stop Jackson, he ignored the Supreme Court and used the army to kick the Indians out of their land and relocate to Oklahoma. Yeah also they made them walk all the way with guns pointed to their heads. What an "amazing president."