RHA Weekly Newsletter

February 2016

Next General Assembly Meeting - Monday, February 22nd

Our next GA Meeting will take place on Monday, February 22nd, at 8:15 PM at Morgan D301. This meeting is mandatory for all council members. Pizza will be served!

2016-2017 RHA Executive Board

Are you interested in applying to be a part of the 2016-2017 Residence Hall Association Executive Board? Come with your questions and concerns ready at our next General Assembly Meeting. You can also get a better picture of what each officer does by reading the constitution on our website!

NCC In Training Position

If you are interested in applying for the National Communications Chair In Training position (NCC IT), please email Ben Newman with any questions at benjamin.newman@temple.edu

RHA Eboard wants to join your council!

Presidents, please email turha@temple.edu when you guys have your weekly meetings and one of us would love to stop by! Also please email us with any of your events in advance so we can also attend!

Town Hall Forum - Thursday, February 18th

This semester's town hall forum will take place on Thursday, February 18th, at 7:30 PM at Student Center Room 200C. Please encourage your residents to come! We will have a raffle of 30 diamond dollars to be given to a resident from each residence hall.

Black History Month

Please check out the attachment poster for some great events happening at Temple and around the community for the month to take a closer look at social justice.
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Volunteer for CAACURH

If you are interested in joining a committee for the 2016 CAACURH conference or just want to volunteer, email Denzel (denzel.mcd@temple.edu) and/or Jill (darrow@temple.edu)


This is just a reminder that OTM submissions are due at the beginning of the month. We all know you guys have great events coming up this month and we would like to recognize them. Submission OTMs through the website on the OTM tab..

Put Your Events on the Newsletter!

Do you have any pictures from a program you just had or do you want to let the rest of RHA know about a future program? Send any photos or flyers that you have to Josh at josh.veloso@temple.edu to be put in the weekly newsletter

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