Puerto rico

Where the blue water needs you!


Puerto rico has many cities, Ponce, Arecibo, Mayagüez, San Germán the capital city is San Juan. Puerto rico was never part of another country until in 1917 they became part of the U.S. before they came to the U.S. they had there own constitution. There main language is spanish but there second language is english because they are part of the United states. There flag colors are red white and blue like the United states flag (picture diplayed right)

Geographical information

Puerto rico is located East of Dominican Republic. Some geographical features are beaches, canyons, and desserts.
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Political information

The type of government they live by is common wealth. Like the US the are ruled by Barack Obama.

Economic information

They use US dollars as there money. The economic system they are ran by is socialism.

Tourist information

People should visit, to see the amazing canyons, beaches, and other amazing sights that could be one in a life time. Also, not only the views but what you can do there. The beaches have the most magnifisant water, the water is crystal clear, no need to worry about any sharks sneaking up on you, you will see them miles before they get to you.