Computer Hardware Engineering

Johnny Hernandez

Computer hardware

Computer hardware is all about the designing of making clean, more powerful, and faster computer parts, or even entire computers. It intrigues me because I have always been fascinated by how they work and find them to be even more amazing when you know how they work.

Daily life

Commonly referred to as a hardware engineer, their lives consist of overseeing to the manufacturing and installation of computer systems, servers, chips, and circuit boards, but also peripherals such as keyboard, router, and printers.

Salaries for Computer Hardware

The Starting Salary starts from around $64,620, while the average is $106,930, and the highest is $154,810. These numbers all depend on level of education, company, amount of experience, along with several other factors.

Needed education

The education needed for this field is a 4-year undergraduate degree, either in computer engineering or electrical engineering with a specialization in computer engineering. You can go back for a graduate degree, for even more opportunities, and could even go for a doctor of philosophy, or a doctor of engineering.