Tech Talk

October 2015

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Kahoot! Anyone?

Want a fun and engaging resource for reinforcing your lessons? Give Kahoot! a whirl and watch your students have fun with you and with one another as they interact with this "edutaining" and FREE software program in the classroom. In 4th Grade ELA, Ms. Thornton was spotted using Kahoot! to help reinforce comprehension and teach vocabulary for the weekly Texas Treasures story. is the Bomb

Chances are you've heard of it but do you really know what it is? EduCanon is a web-based technology that allows teachers to take streaming video from sources like YouTube and Vimeo and cut and crop them into teaching tools. Mr. Haas has used eduCanon for a year and has developed over 60 video/ quizzes that are used to reinforce concepts he has already taught in the classroom.

His students grab an iPad, put on their headphones, go to the link, search for the lesson, watch the video and then answer multiple choice questions. The added bonus of instant feedback is a real plus and Mr. Haas can see from his own computer which concept students are missing most frequently and can reteach as needed. "I can get an instant set of classroom grades as well," he said. EduCanon combines audio, visual, and demonstrative teaching styles so students can more easily grasp the lesson. Check it out below!


Ready, Set.... ReadTheory!

Looking for a research-based reading resource that has printables, collects data on your students' progress, is great for new teachers, is customizable for individual student needs, has over 1,000 reading passages in its inventory, can be done at home as well as school, and is absolutely free? Look no farther than!

How does it work? Go to, register, sign up, and then follow the instructions for inserting all your students quickly into the program. It even has a quick-printable sheets to write your students' usernames and passwords and cut into handy cards. You can create a short cut on your portable devices (or use a trusty desk top computer) and the program handles the rest. After taking a short pretest, the program then starts each student at his or her appropriate level.

According to 4th grade teacher Mrs. Cullen, "This is a great tool for new teachers because it offers so many resources and gives them ideas on teaching and troubleshooting problem areas with their students." Mrs. Cullen has been using ReadTheory for three years and touts its high-interest reading passages that her students ASK to read. "It provides great expository text that illustrates how to write in a clear, concise manner as well." Watch her students use ReadTheory in her classroom below: