1984- Book 1 Chapter 5-8

Some options in reading Book I Chapters 5-8 this week

1984 Book 1 Chapter 5-8

You will find your packet in your google classroom folder. Don't forget to click the "Done" button to turn it in when you are finished.
If you have a hard time finding the packet try the following:
-Make sure you are logged in with your @myorangeusd.org account when trying to access the document from your google drive (or straight from google.com/classroom)

1984 Activity #2

Use Storyboardthat.com or Pixton.com (Pixton for fun- free account) to display the concept of Double think. Remember double think is NOT just being forgetful it is holding two opposite facts at the same time and choosing to believe the new/false one.
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Weekly Checklist

  • Read Chapter 5-8 of Book 1
  • Complete the Google Classroom "1984 Book 1 Ch. 5-8 Packet"
  • Complete Activity #2 CLICK HERE