Ecological Footprint

Contributions to gas emissions

What a Ecological Footprint is and what it means

Ecological Footprint - What humans have done to the earth

An Ecological Footprint means that there are things we do in our everyday lives that effect the Earth. Everyday things like not turning off lights, not recycling, driving cars, and leaving chords plugged in are examples of leaving an ecological footprint.


If you live in a detached home with 4 bedrooms and drive a medium car (20-30mpg), and someone else lives in an apartment building (5+units) and drives a small car (30-40mpg). Which lifestyle would give off less carbon emission?

Answer: The apartment building.

Reason: The apartment is a smaller complex, and they use a more efficient car and other appliances.

Some short and long term effects of Carbon Emission

Short term effects: Changing energy prices, economic growth, new technologies, seasonal temperatures

Long term effects: Population growth