Green careers


Job Description/Duties

Some of the jobs of being an environmental sculptor or artist is being able to work well with recycled scraps.It is very hard to be able to find pieces and figure out how to make them work in artwork.You also have to be able to weld and screw objects together to make them fit together perfectly.You could use anything from hubcaps to pieces from a chair.Making these random pieces from unwanted junk to beautiful pieces of artwork is,looks,and sounds very hard.


I found that the salary was anywhere from 24,000-51,000 dollars.


The education is whatever for other classes.Obviously you don't need a degree in geography or anything like that.You do need a degree in arts or design.It doesn't really matter if you have a bachelors or masters degree. Take the art classes or programs,which is also kind-of obvious.

Environmental relationship between the job and nature

The environmental relationship between the job and nature is you're finding pieces of old scraps and using them for a job.The job you are using them for is to make artwork.Sometimes it gets harder to find a reason to use the pieces,but you have to be creative.Also,finding a place to put the pieces that you really want in the artwork, is hard.You have to be good with putting things together to fit perfectly,if you want to have this job.


The advantages of having this for a job is at the end of piece,you should feel better about yourself for making something thrown away,last longer.Also,you make something that a person threw away beautiful again.They make not be useful again,but they are worth looking at.Something else that is an advantage for this job is being able to acknowledge that you are very creative,and to spread that to the world,because not a lot of adults are very creative or imaginative.It's also great to be able to make things fit perfectly together.


Some of the disadvantages of being a "green" sculptor artist is that you do a lot of other things besides sculpt. You have to go to meetings,conversations with clients,fill out paperwork,or running a business,which all take up a lot of time.Also, You have to be very precise with what you do,so you can make it perfect.Also,you have to stop at a certain time,so you don't annoy nearby houses.You have to be patient with the pieces because with all of the stopping,clients,paperwork,etc. each piece becomes very long.

Interesting facts

Some of the interesting facts that I found is that you meet a lot of different people during pieces, even children.Also,quite a few of people are using the recycled theme for their art.Another thing that I found was that this job has been around for more than ten years.A lot of people really don't don't enjoy their work,or what they do.There are so many more interesting facts,but there's really no time for more.