Employ the right decoy strategies

Employ the right decoy strategies for successful

Employ the right decoy strategies for successful snow goose hunting

Duck hunting is never successful without the aid of right decoy strategies. It is pretty much necessary to have the basic understanding of the working of the decoys. The following points can prove out to be useful for all snow goose hunters.


The key element for making any decoy seem real is realistic motion. To generate motion, winged spinners gave been made use of generally. However, the ducks are pretty cunning and can easily avoid to these strategies. The non Spinning technology which results in creation of waves and motion is undoubtedly the best motion duck decoy available today. It is best to make use of this decoy.

Motion on Demand

Motion is a critical aspect when it comes to snow goose hunting. The traditional decoys involve manual pulling of cords to produce motion on demand. This is an outdated practice as it seldom does any good. Remote controlled decoys are immensely helpful when it comes to motion on demand. These decoys are quite popular and choice of many successful hunters.

Motion in water

The best decoys are those which can be used neat water as well as on land. Special care must be taken while choosing decoys and it is best to opt for decoys which come with waterproofing. This will keep the remote control sensors and battery compartments quite safe near water bodies.

  • Powerful motion

The power produced by using jerk cords is somewhat less and instead of attracting ducks ends up in scaring them away. Duck decoys which are powered by batteries are the best options, one can make use of. No battery changes have to be made if the battery power lasts for a longer time.

By keeping these things in mind while using a decoy, one can ultimately enjoy the snow goose hunting sessions.