SpringBoard - Senior English

Unit 5 - Transfer Task

Task 1

Unit 5: Creating Perspectives

Transfer Task

TASK: Your assignment is to write an argumentative essay asserting a particular critical interpretation of an "event" using evidence from at least five texts that you have gathered to support your argument. Refer to the information on pg. 318 as you evaluate both secondary and primary sources and the information you have collected for validity, reliability, and relevance to your topic.

1. An introduction with a clear thesis that contextualizes the issue

2. Support any commentary that convincingly links the citation of a variety of source material to a demonstration of your position

3. A conclusion that goes beyond a summary of the thesis by suggesting the larger significance of your position in understanding the issue

4. A clear, coherent organizational plan that reinforces the ideas of your claim, building your ideas smoothly and logically through the essay

5. Careful and purposeful use of language

6. Accurate citation of sources

7. A minimum of two-full pages, typed

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