The Right Kind of Wright Airplane

The Sky is the Limit

Wilbur and Orville Wright were the first to build a successful and controlled plane. It was first launched on December 17, 1903. Even though the plane was in the air for twelve seconds at 120 feet, it was a day to remember. This event made history and motivated pilots around the world. After that big day, the Wright brothers made three airplane after that, getting higher in the air and staying longer in flight every time they had a shot.

The Wright Brothers created the invention because of their company, The Wright Cycle Company. Many people thought of cycling as flying. Numerous people said that, "Wheeling is just like Flying!". So the Wright Brothers came up with a plane, inspired by the great cycling craze in 1894.

Who said that people can't fly?

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How the Airplane Works.

How does the Airplane Fly? Why doesn't it plummet to the ground like any other object?

An airplane has thrust and drag. Thrust is an aerodynamic force that either pushes or pulls the airplane through the air. Drag is the opposite, which prevents the object from going through a fluid. For the airplane to fly, the thrust needs to be greater than or equal to the drag of the plane.

The average weight of a modern plane is 487.5 tons. The airplane stays in the air with the opposing force which is lift. Which is accomplished by having wings on the sides of an airplane. While the plane is flying, the wing will split the air going in two directions. Either underneath the wing or above the wing. The wing is shaped at a tilt so that the air moving over the wing hits it faster than the air going under the wing so the airplane can move up and through the sky.

The airplane turns and cuts through the air using the angle of attack. The wings move in such a way that the wings cut through the air and the air molecules can move around the wing so the airplane turns. The wing has a flap and a slat that directs the air over the wing and makes the plane turn.

The airplane can move and fly in incredible ways.

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Evolving: The Airplane

The invention of the airplane has been a big help to modern day life and life in the olden days.

The airplane lately has been a source of transportation, a job supplier, and a major hobby.

So many people these days have traveled in a plane. On average, a billion people travel in a plane a year to get from place to place faster than in a car.

The plane provides jobs not only for a pilot, but for many other people. Jobs that include a flight attendant, airport employees, baggage transporters, and many others.

A pilot makes over $150,000 a year.

A flight attendant makes over $65,000 a year.

The Wright brothers influenced many people to become pilots, test pilots and fly to the ends of the earth.

Airplanes have evolved a lot over the last 100 years.

The airplane was a one person transporter at the time. The person would lay down and direct a plane instead of now that the average airliner airplane can seat about 100 people. The biggest airplane in the world can sit more than 1000 people.

The first airplane was made of wire, wood, fabric, and lines of ash. It has improved a bunch over the years and the modern airplanes are made of aluminum and other materials to keep it lighter in the air.

The Wright airplane weighed about 750 pounds with the pilot, and now the airplane weighs over 485 tons without 100 people on the aircraft.

The planes nowadays fly much better and are much more reliable than the Wright plane. Back then, the plane could fly only a minute or less. Now, the airplanes can travel for almost 17 hours without stopping.

The airplane has evolved so much over the years. Both with the structure and how well it flies in the air.


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