Athletic Director

Rooster Adams

Costal Bend College

My title at Costal Bend college would be Athletic Director

Atletic Director Job Disciption

The primary function of the athletic director is to over see the schools sport progams.

Job Salary- I will make anywhere $80,000-$120,000 for a start up college Athletic Director

Human Resources Contact Information

Esther Martinez
Human Resources Director
Ph: (361) 354-2210
Fax: (361) 358-3982

Cost of Living

Beelive, Tx has a 16% better cost of living than the average in the state of Texas. I would spend about $3,200 a month for all of my living needs

Junction City, Ks to Beelive, Tx

Total distance From Junction City, Ks To Beelive, Tx is a total of 736.36 mi (1,185.06 km)