The Mystery at the Dog Show

By: Gertrude Chandler Warner

This novel has 121 Pages

This novel is in third person.

May the best dog win-- or will it?

Grandfather Alden's old friend Ms. Teague comes to town with her daughter, Caryn to enter Sunny, their prize-winning dog into the First Annual Greenfield Dog Show, so they stay at the Aldens' home. Before the show, Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny met some strange people: Mrs. DeCicco and Mr. Burger. Weird things happen at the show, like someone shaved Curly, a beautiful poodle and she was unable to compete. During the second round, someone let a cat loose in a ring of dogs, grabbing many of the onstage dogs' attention. This made the best dog not win because it was very distracted. This person also dognapped Sunny and put her in a vet's kennel right before the last round of the show. Read The Mystery At The Dog Show to find out who caused all of this trouble and who won the dog show.

The theme of this novel is that cheating takes you nowhere.

For example, someone in the dog show has shaved a poodle, let a cat into the dog ring, and put Sunny in a vet's kennel. Yet that person still didn't win. I can relate to this because I don't cheat, I like to win because I deserve it. I play tennis tournaments very often. Although I love to win, I hate cheating. If I can't win that round, I'll struggle even more in the next round.Instead, I play my best and I'm always a good sport.

Now go read this book!