The Giver

By Lois Lowry Flyer Created by Omer Erkoc

Giver Summary

A boy named Jonas is chosen to be the Receiver of memory by the group of elders.Jonas was then sent to The Giver so that he can learn all the memories. When Jonas was given the memories, he felt pain,joy, and even sadness. Jonas then started to disagree with his old life living with the elders rules and he starts to begin a plot to release all the memories to the whole community so that everyone can actually see the true colors of the world.

The Main Character - Jonas

Jonas is a teenage boy who was chosen for a task no one can handle. He was chosen as the Receiver. He has the ability to receive and see new things. Jonas experiences memories that are filled with joy, sadness, and pain.

Three important characters

Quote- back, and back, and back,and back, and back.

Teacher like questions

1. Why was Jonas chosen to be the Receiver?

2. Why was Gabriel not mature?

3. How did you think the community formed? Why?

4. Do you think releasing all the memories would just make everyone understand right away?


What I like about the giver

what I like about the novel is that it has nicely detailed expression of events and feelings. This is an example of a very creative imagination of futuristic society. We realize the importance of our memories in our lives, sad or happy.

What I disliked about the giver

The book could benefit from some illustrations. The story could have more action.