cold blooded killers

by madison falzett


I looked into its eyes, gold and daring. I was in the middle of a calamity, I was in the middle of an animal attack!! It doesn't sound harsh, but you'd be surprised. Animal attacks can happen anytime, anywhere. Any animal can get mad in a snap, and unfortunately animal attacks always end in some kind of tragedy.


Why are animal attacks so cringing to hear about you ask? Well, because there are so many animals on earth, your chances of being bombarded are 4 out of 6! Though, the most frightening, severe animal strikes happen with bears or big cats such as tigers, pumas and jaguars. If you are ever in an animal attack, remember to not run away. Instead, act like your its worst nightmare.
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If you think that an attack of an animal only happens in the wild, your wrong. For example, 10 years ago a lion lashed out on its trainer at a circus. This probably happened because most circus animals are in cages or chains 96% of the time!! The thing is though, trained animal attacks don't just happen at a circus. Animal attacks usually occur when your in a quiet place, alone. Its less likely that an animal will lash out at you if your accompanied.

wild or trained?

Don't worry, its not like your new kitten will suddenly be blood thirsty. An attack of an animal is more likely to happen in the wild, not at home! This is because the wild is where all the animals are with Rabies an diseases like the African swine virus. Another reason is because animals in the wild are always hungry. Imagine yourself trying to hunt for scarce food. Hard to think about, right?
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Most animal charges start when the animal is provoked or disturbed. This is why if you see an animal, don't throw things at it or tease it. For example a 17 year old boy was taking a hike with his friend sauzer. All of the sudden, the boy was witnessing his friend being mauled by a giant bear. The boy managed to save his friend, but , unfortunately ,died in the process.This tells us that you should always be aware of your surroundings and don't go off course!


Animal attacks might not happen near you, but a place that it's frequent is AFRICA.Why, you ask. Because Africa has a huge amount of land and there's no distractions! This is why animals like to try to pounce on them more, because they're a heck of an easy target. I mean there are no vehicles, planes not even any tall buildings! Africa doesn't need all of that stuff!!


Animal attacks can be cruel and end poorly. The saying sounds dumb, but trust me, it's not.When you actually learn about animal attacks, you learn to be more careful. Though,some people choose to be careless and cold hearted to nature. That's why you should always travel with some one and bring your knowledge to every place you go. That is if your going somewhere like Africa.


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