Flight Attendant

Jacey Abdalla

Job Description

~ To direct and assist passengers in the event of an emergency, such as directing passengers to evacuate a plane following an emergency landing

~Prepare passengers and plane for departure and landing

~Take food and drink orders

~Sell and collect tickets at the gates

~To ensure comfort and safety of passengers


Education & Training

  • usually just a high school diploma
  • studies in flight/flying help, but are not necessarily needed
  • 3 months to 1 year of training (with the company)
  • training includes 'shadowing' experienced employees
  1. The Travel Academy in Minnesota
  2. International Air and Hospitality Academy in Washington


Average Entry Salary Annually

Philadelphia: $54,200-$67,000

Nationally: ~$65,600


  • Severe turbulence
  • Any crazy people
  • BUT you are way more likely to be in a car crash then being injured on a plane
Flight Attendant RAPPING the Safety Briefing! South West Airlines!