Mr.A aka chewbacca

carter lake elementary P.E teacher

On the first day of school at Carter Lake Elementary,Mrs, Scherbs 4th graders went into Mr, A’s P.E class. We noticed that he was starting to grow a beard.

Week after week we came back and it was so scraggly it looked like a birds nest.

Then a student started to call him chewbacca.

Then he started getting a lot of question “why did you grow it” “Isn't it hot?” “Is it hard to eat?” and questions like that.

The teachers came up with the name then the students jumped on board. So every time that we saw him we teased and call chewbacca.

When we had about 1 week of school left he shaved it off!

We were so confused we said “no more chewbacca?” “YAY!” “Mr, A is back!”