Oliver Carcano

It is no secret that Oliver Carcano loves his country.

Oliver Carcano - Management

Oliver Carcano is a professional in the a/c and appliance repair world that has been working in the field for over twenty years, accumulating a level of experience and expertise that others could only hope to rival. He knows pretty much everything that there is to know about the appliance repair and air industry, or so he thought anyway.

It wasn't until he opened up his own business did he discover just how complicated and intricate the world of appliance repair and air could be. Now he has had to relearn everything he knows about the field, and also explore new and unfamiliar subjects like how to lead a team and how to manage a business efficiently and effectively. Oliver Carcano says that he never knew much about things like cost and benefit analysis or marketing schemes and advertising campaigns until he owned his own successful business. Now he considers himself more in the field of management than contracting itself.

He says though his new career has been challenging, it has been very rewarding as well. Management is something that requires an extensive knowledge of not just a/c and appliance repair, but people as well. He says that you have to be an inspiring leader and a respected professional.

Oliver Carcano says that there is a lot of human aspects to the world of management, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. He says that you must also order the proper amount of materials, assure they are stored safely and securely, locate proper funding and assure there is space available for the build. He says these large scale projects require much experience and a hands on managing approach in order to get the job done in a high quality and quick manner.

Oliver Carcano - Fishing Fan

Rick Caldwell of Utah is a man with many simple tastes, who prefers fishing in a quiet, lazy river to the fast paced urban world that he works in. Rick is a professional appliance repair and air conditioning contractor who works on many high profile commercial and private, corporate and government building projects that often occur in an urban setting. That is why he craves the outdoors so much, seeking out a quiet setting that helps him unwind from the dizzying work week. One of the ways he chooses to unwind is to go fishing not just around his home, but taking entire fishing trips to exotic locales. One of these exotic locations is Minnesota, a place well known for some of the biggest and toughest fishes around. Minnesota offers such a unique challenge to fisherman because of the grueling conditions and weather, as well as the hearty native species of fish that have been made tough by a harsh environment. He says that he loves to fish because it is so challenging and rewarding. He says that hooking one of those big and hearty fishes can be quite difficult, but when you do, you get a feeling of satisfaction that cannot be compared to.

Oliver Carcano says that he enjoys fishing because it is serene and tranquil, but that it is also a chance to get in touch with the more basic part of himself. He says that too often today people forget that they were once very primal and simple beings, until the world decided to get in a big hurry. He says every once in a while it does a spirit and body good to just slow down. He emphasizes that we won't be on this world for long, so we should enjoy it while we have the chance.

Oliver Carcano - For Community

Oliver Carcano says that by helping someone move into a new property or home, he isn't just making a friend, but improving the overall worth of the community, which is an investment that pays off in itself, both spiritually and professionally. Giving selflessly to others has been something that Oliver has had much experience in. He understands the concept of contributing to the whole, giving your services and sacrifices to something more important than yourself. That is why he puts a strong emphasis on giving back to your community, as he believes that each individual is personally responsible for the well-being of his own neighborhood, and that even the smallest contributions help, such as a friendly smile, or helping a neighbor across the street.

Oliver Carcano believes in the power of a tightly knit community, and says that it is in everyone's best interest to nurture that community, to help it grow and prosper to the benefit of everyone in it. He says in order to do this, people must come together, plan and organize fund raising events, or host awareness meeting and get everyone moving towards a singular objective. As a business owner, he says the best way to get people all moving towards one goal, is a clear command structure, and that many neighborhoods could benefit from this structure, and provide a more enriching community for everyone. He says that giving back starts with doing your part, and that if each individual takes the overall goal one step at a time, that they will accomplish the task before they even realize it. He says that teamwork should be a skill all neighborhoods try to acquire.