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The company started in Japan 1962 when Phil Knight and Oregon track student came across a brand of shoes he liked and decided to import them to the U.S. for a fake company called Blue Ribbon sports. This worked and Knight bought 5 pairs of shoes that he would try to sell. These shoes were sold because Phil Knight believed he could sell shoes better than the best brands.


Nike started out as a small shoe company promoting college athletes and was named Blue Ribbon Sports. After a while Phil Knight opened Nike's (or Blue Ribbon Sport's) first retail store in Santa Monica, California. Eventually the name became Nike and then came up with a logo, the swoosh. After the name and logo were changed Knight began to create a shoe with better quality so the person could use it longer and more with a experience. One the main thing that was changed were the soles of the shoe for better fit to the feet. One problem Nike ran into is the oversea boycotts going on because the unsafe conditions in the factories. A problem with this was many people accused Nike of mistreating the employees in Asia. Many people believed the wages where unfair and they couldn't leave until they met the daily quota. Knight decided to make work easier for them by establishing a minimum hire age and reduced time in the toxic environment. Today Nike is a company that is a company that promote all athletes including pros and sell more than just shoes, some items include shirts, shorts, water bottles, and much much more. Nike is currently making more money than any sports apparel company in the world meaning Nike is the best.

Nike's Impact

Nike made the sports industry a bigger and more important industry because of the products and advertisements. Now more people like sports weather it's playing or watching them Nike made more people interested. First off, Nike has many products for leisure but the advertisements show people becoming great at different sports after wearing Nike apparel. Also the way products like the shoes were made makes exercising better with more high quality soles for the feet. If Nike didn't exist or favorite sports and teams may not be here.

Important people

Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman are the most important people to this company because they were the two who started it. Phil Knight was the founder of Nike and is the owner to this day. Bowerman help Knight sell the shoes and advertising. Without these to people Nike and the sports industry wouldn't be the same.


Nike's top product is the shoes that make this company stand out. Nike's shoes are the main reason why they make more money than any other sports company out there. The shoe are the best seller because they have great aspects of all other shoes and are cheaper than most. Nike's shoes are why Nike is number one in the sports industry.
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