Connected Liberators

Using digital tools and social media to support learning

Using digital tools for learning

All tools can be helpful to accomplish a task or learn something new. That includes digital tools. But digital tools require responsible use. At Bolivar HS we encourage responsible use of all available tools at the appropriate times and places.

As part of our digital culture, we encourage you to connect with us and share your learning via social media. Your positive contributions to our digital learning community can make our school stronger and more connected.

The following information describes the social media platforms used by Bolivar HS along with important guidance in being a mature and responsible citizen of the digital community.

Building responsible digital citizens

In today's world, part of being a responsible citizen is being a responsible digital citizen. Our decision online can have far reaching consequences for others and self. It's important for every student to learn that he or she has a "digital footprint," a lasting record of the activity and decisions one makes online.

Your digital footprint includes the pictures, videos, social media posts, emails, tweets, and other content you share on the Internet. The media and words you post, the people you follow and “like”, and the places you visit can all have an impact on your future opportunities. Remember, once you post something it is no longer under your control.

Your digital footprint may
  • Influence college admissions. This NY Times article explains how colleges may view your social media posts.
  • Influence a future employer's decision to hire you. This Forbes article describes how digital footprint can help or hurt your chances of getting that job you want.
  • Lead to criminal charges against you. If you break the law online or threaten or harass someone, your actions can lead to criminal charges.
  • Lead to school discipline. The digital environment you learn, work, and play in can be a very public space. Your digital footprint follows you everywhere and can impact you and other students while in school.

Responsible decisions in a digital world

I will act with integrity.

Respect Yourself
  • I will respect myself through my actions.
  • I will ensure the privacy of my own information.

Protect Yourself

  • I will not post information that will put me at risk.
  • I will report any attacks or inappropriate behavior directed at me.
  • I will protect my passwords, accounts, and resources.

Respect Others

  • I will show respect for others.
  • I will not use electronic media to insult, bully, harass, or stalk other people.
  • I will not visit sites that are degrading, pornographic, racist, or inappropriate.
  • I will not access other people's personal spaces or areas.

Protect Others

  • I will protect others by reporting abuse and not forwarding inappropriate communications or materials.

Respect Property (Intellectual and Technological)

  • I will verify the accuracy of information.
  • I will request permission to use resources and cite all references to websites, books, media, etc.
  • I will use the school network and equipment only for legal activities.
  • I will not intentionally disrupt or damage the school's equipment.
  • I will not violate the security of the school network.


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