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business development manager Recycling

Description of Job:Recycle British Products

Job Duties:developer

Type of degree/schooling required:recycle plant

Website: http://www.realcoolfutures.com/case-study.php/rachel-hammond-business-development-manager

Why does this career interest you?Recycled Products

Any other interesting facts:you can get stuff



ingredients & blending team leader

Salary Range

Education necessary to do the job successfully he had to have a masters

Job Description/DutiesA typical day in the life revolves around checking emails to make sure that our weekly processes of ordering and blending are happening on schedule. Then I might work with my team mates, using Excel, to plan our ingredients orders and make sure that we have all we potentially need (innocent doesn’t fly anything in, so it all comes by ship).

Environmental relationship between the environment and job I work too many hours but, at the end of the day, when I look back over a year I feel that I've achieved a lot - and that's something which is important to me.


Disadvantageshard to get

Any interesting facts you found I have to be quite organised to fit my work in around all the meetings and discussions that take place.

Website (bibliography)http://www.realcoolfutures.com/case-study.php/andy-dougal-ingredients-blending-team-leader