Save the Date for Maker Faire!

April 23rd 5-7pm

Support our ERGC Makers!

This year, students in grades 4-8 had the opportunity to write micro grants for independent learning projects.

They had to answer 3 main questions:

What do you want to learn?

How do you want to learn it?

How will you share that learning with others?

Maker Faire is a chance for students to make their learning public and share their creations! Come see what our students have made!

Why should our kids be makers? Watch this video!

Dare to be a Maker

So far, grant submissions have included. . .

Sewing a skirt and using a microcontroller, conductive thread, and LED's to make it sparkle

Publishing a book of short stories

Publishing a cookbook of compiled family recipes

Building a computer that will run Linux

Creating a game that is played by decrypting and encrypting ciphers

Building a robot that will create drawings using vectors

Using Food Chemistry to make edible glass potato chips

Creating a Web-Comic to help girls with bullying and drama

Creating a working mini-arcade with cabinet

Using Cartography to create a fantasy world

Collaborating to make a fashion blog

Quadcopter Engineering

Creating a 3D scaled print of the buildings that make up the Chicago Skyline

Filming a documentary about the history of recess at edison

Creating a robot that draws on eggs and other round objects

Making a Rube Goldberg Machine

. . .I could go on and on!

You might even see some student-created "gameboys" and "gamegirls"!

GIF of Gameboy Making

ERGC Maker Faire!

Thursday, April 23rd, 5-7pm

4929 North Sawyer Avenue

Chicago, IL

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Be there and support our kids!