Coleman Instant Tent 8 Person Info

Is the Coleman Instant Tent the best family tent for you?

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Coleman Instant Tents Overview

The Coleman Company is known to make the best tents in the world and the 8 person Instant Tent is no different. This company has been serving the people of America for more than a hundred years now. These tents are for every type of household. They have made tents for four, six and eight people and you can choose whichever you want. Each and every one of these tents is tested under different conditions before they hit the market so that you get exactly the tent that you deserve.

This Coleman Instant Tent is made with ease of use in mind. You can have this tent up in less than a minute. It is designed in such a way that gives you efficient assembly. Eight people can easily sit back relax and sleep in this tent. Coleman Instant Tents have pre-attached poles so that you can set up your tent quickly. All you would have to do is unfold your tent, spread it out, extend your poles and just lock and click them into places. Putting up the tent is as simple as that. On the other hand, if you choose an old-style traditional tent then you would have to battle manually threading the poles into the tent, and possibly need special tools to get your tent up and firmly planted. The instant tent is the perfect tent for your family camping trips.

This tent has all the features that you expect a Coleman tent to have. The strong polyester construction means that you’ll be enjoying this tent on camping trips for years to come. These tents are tested in all kinds of weather conditions so that when it hits the real world you are safe and sound. Carrying the tent is very easy, put it in its carrying bag and go.

Tent Features

Let’s start with the features of this Coleman Instant 8 Person Tent. This tent has seven mesh windows. Yes, and they are big, and they will let in only the fresh air (not mosquitoes). The mesh is designed so that if it rains you can keep them open without getting soaked. The next feature: two big doors. These are the standard “D” shaped doors. It is a two room tent, so you have ample amounts of space inside. The tent is fully tapered and seamless for your convenience. It is made with the Weather Tec system so you can be sure that it will treat you well regardless of the conditions. Ground stakes are added for additional security of the tent. Even if there are high winds, your tent will remain grounded through it all.

Customers have always been the priority of Coleman. The eight -person Instant Tent is made of heavy duty polyester. It can hold itself steady in any condition. The walls are thick, and the floor is connected to the tent do that it can give you the maximum amount of protection from the outside world. All this is done to give your tent strength and stability. A removable divider is between the two rooms. If you do not need privacy, then it can be removed and tucked away easily. And best of all; you get a fully loaded 360 view of your surroundings.

The tent is seventy-seven inches high from the center. It is one hundred and twenty inches wide and one hundred and sixty-eight inches long. The standard color of this tent is black, but you can also choose royal blue and green.

How To Clean Your Tent

Cleaning of your Coleman Tent is very easy. You just need a little water and just a small piece of cloth or rag. Dip the cloth into water and gently wipe away the mess from your tent. Do not rub harshly because it can cause damage to the color of your tent. One thing you don’t ever really want to do is to use any detergent on the tent because that can damage the polyester; thus decreasing the life of your tent.

Product Warranty

You are given a one-year warranty. This is a limited guarantee provided by the company, so you have to make sure that you use it right. All the terms and conditions of the warranty are given at the time of the purchase. If you are thinking about using different accessories with your tent, then make sure that it is compatible your tent, because a wrong attachment can damage your tent pretty poorly and can even cause injury to you and your family.

Final Review Of The Coleman Instant 8

When you want to take your family camping, the last thing you want to do is be cramped in a tent that doesn’t accommodate you comfortably. The eight-person Coleman Instant Tent is perfect for families that want to get their camp set up quickly, and be able to enjoy their time in the outdoors. If you plan on taking your family into the wilderness, this is the tent for you!
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