Kindergarten Chronicle

October 13, 2015

Rasor Elementary

945 Hedgcoxe

Plano, TX 75025


Important Dates

October 12-No School-Holiday

October 12- Parent Teacher Conferences

October 22- Literacy Night 6-7pm

In the Classroom

Language Arts-Letter Pp and the sound the letter makes.

Vocabulary-assist, game, honest, pleasant, world

High Frequency Words- I, can, we, the, like, a

Oral Vocabulary-number words

Math- making numbers to 10, ex. 1+3=4, 4+3=7, 0+4=4


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  • Please make sure that homework is returned by Friday.
  • Homework is meant to teach responsibility (taking home and returning an assignment).
  • If your child is unable to do the homework (formation of letters/numbers you may make these in yellow highlighter and have your child trace them.)
  • Homework must be completed in PENCIL. If coloring is in the directions please use crayons only. No markers. Please check quality of your child's work.
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