Leah Ulbrich



  • On Sunday, October 29, 1995, at approximately 4:49 a.m., Hartford Police received 911 calls about a woman being dragged by a motor vehicle from Locust Street west on Elliott Street toward Wethersfield Avenue in Hartford.
  • Nissan Maxima
  • Another caller: observed the female being dragged by the car south on Wethersfield Avenue toward Wethersfield
  • Female caller was never identified.
  • Before the 911 calls, a Hartford Police officer patrolling north on Wethersfield Avenue near Elliott Street saw a small dark color car enter Wethersfield Avenue from Elliot Street and travel south with no headlights on.
  • The officer observed something unidentifiable being dragged from the passenger side of the vehicle but did not stop it
  • The officer followed a discernable trail of liquid left on the pavement to the area of Jordan Lane near Ridge Road in Wethersfield.
  • The officer located the victim, with major injuries, lying against the curb of Jordan Lane.
  • Dead at the scene.
  • The cause of death as extensive blunt trauma and certified the manner of death as a homicide.
  • The victim was identified as Leah Ulbrich, age 24, of Hartford and New Britain.
  • Conducted an intensive investigation into the murder of Leah Ulbrich. Numerous extensive interviews have been conducted and forensic evidence analyzed.
  • Reward $50,000

Forensics Evidence


  • Autopsy performed at the office of The Chief Medical Examiner and was found to be a homicide
  • She went to rehab for an addiction and was not communicating at the time with her family because she was getting her life together.
  • New York license plate was the car
  • Leah was found holding a wire object and indicated that initial DNA testing was done up to two times over a period of years.