Manage multiple social networks in one place with HootSuite

Hootsuite helps you tackle MOST things Web 2.0

Convert this business/marketing tool into an educational tool by managing learning opportunities across multiple social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Monitor learner interactions and follow individual student performance from a single service provider.

How to Use HootSuite as an Educational Tool

Schedule messages and tweets, then analyze your social media traffic in one location. HootSuite can be used as a management platform for an instructor/facilitator. Integrate classroom education and social networking through multiple networking sites. Send scheduled messages via twitter, and have learners respond, discuss, or write about the topic. Have learners interact with each other, monitoring them through hashtags or other social networking tags. Create forums for learners to share links, ideas, articles, etc. Monitor who is posting and when they post. Identify individual learner performance through social analytics.

HootSuite Advantages

  • Streamlined social network management
  • Easy access to analytics
  • Options for learner's preferred networks
  • Schedule messages, assignments, etc. ahead of time
  • Monitor individual learner participation and group interactions
  • Basic Plan is free. No monthly fee.
  • Appropriate for higher-education and high-school education.

HootSuite Opportunities (for improvement)

  • User interface difficult to navigate at first
  • Need adequate amount of time set aside at the front-end to schedule out tweets, messages, lessons, etc.
  • Not initially designed as an educational tool, so some creativity is necessary.
  • Monthly fee required for the more robust program plans.
  • May not be appropriate or approved for ALL K-12 learners.
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What You Need To Get Started

  • Computer
  • Internet Access
  • Smart Phone (if you want mobile access)
  • Social Network Accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.)
  • Email Address (to sign-up)
  • Decide between Plans (Free, Pro and Business)

Dashboard Screencast

Click the link above for a quick walk-through of the HootSuite sign-up process!